About Us

The friendly flying school based in Beccles

The origins of Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation go back to late 2013. Pat Fenn had spent 12 years circuit racing saloon cars and was looking for the next challenge. Keen on learning to fly, Pat heard about two instructors training from Beccles Aerodrome, sharing only a single hired C42 aircraft. Pat was keen on the more challenging GT450 Flexwing and found Gary had been flying Flexwing for more than 10 years. Happy to fully commit, Pat said to Gary, “if I buy an aircraft will you teach me to fly it”. Gary naturally said “of course” and immediately followed by saying when you aren’t flying in it, why don’t we use it to teach others”. From that first conversation the idea was born! 

Over the past 10 years, we have built the business into one of the most progressive, well funded and forward thinking flight training organisations in the United Kingdom.


We started under the name of Mid Anglia Microlights, using the P&M GT450 Flexwing and Comco’s 3 axis machine, the C42. Even today, these two products are still the training machines of choice. Over several years, using these two manufacturers products we have built and developed the business into the well established company it is today. But aircraft development in Europe was now moving very quickly, and the Light Sport category was emerging as the place for new development money. Our association, the BMAA, was instrumental in establishing the LSM, or Light Sport Microlight category aimed at accommodating a new breed of high performance Permit To Fly aircraft with a MTOW of 600kg, capable of speeds unachievable under the previous Microlight definition. The BMAA worked hard to extend an NPPL holders privileges to fly an aircraft above the previous 472.5kg MTOW. With differences training as applicable, now in place, the BMAA should be commended for achieving this for the benefit of us all. Our 600kg LSM Shark 600, and the onboarding of Gyrocopter training lead to a change of operating name to Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation more accurately describing who we are now. Unless you’re set on a commercial licence, with what’s available in the NPPL licence Permit to fly category, for speed and economy, why would you choose to fly anything else?


2014. Started operations with our GT450 Flexwing and a hired C42 Fixed Wing aircraft.

2015. Took delivery direct from Comco Germany, of our 1st new C42 Alpha.

2018. Took delivery direct from Comco Germany, of 2nd new C42 Alpha.

2019. Took delivery of locally acquired high spec C42 Bravo.

2020. Completed construction of 15mtr x 30mtr purpose built hangar and established dedicated office and briefing rooms.

2021. Took delivery of new C42 Charlie – the first to fly for training in the U.K and the forthcoming higher weight classification at 560kg.

2022. Took delivery of locally acquired AutoGyro and commenced Gyrocopter training.

2023. Upgraded the C42 Bravo to fly at 540KG

2024. The arrival in Spring 24, direct from the factory in Slovakia, the record breaking Shark 600, the first to fly in the UK with a flying school.

These days we believe we are among few companies in our field to own all our aircraft and hangar, and are not dependent on others for access to aircraft or facilities. We carry out our own maintenance and are in control of aircraft specifications completely.

For post licence flying we established a group for members to be able to continue flying economically in an aircraft dedicated for use by the group. If you want to arrive and fly – get in touch or come along and see us to find out more.

Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation are the friendly flying school for Norfolk, Suffolk & the Anglia region. We provide professional flight training for the NPPL & PPL (G) licences and air experience flights in Europe’s most popular training aircraft.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of learning to fly or just want to treat someone special to an experience they’ll never forget, give us a call – we’re always happy to talk flying!

We close this section with a quotation from Pat’s wife who is often heard to say to her friends “he was only supposed to learn to fly”. Flying is addictive, and we fly for fun so don’t be surprised if you get bitten by the same bug!

Pat Fenn - Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation