Our Aircraft

Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation providing trial flights and full pilot training on fixed wing, flexwing, and rotary wing (Gyro).

G-CLPT Ikarus c42 charlie

G-CLPT. C42 Charlie 560kg MTOW

German Manufactured. The C42 is the benchmark for fixed wing pilot training. The latest Light Sport Aircraft made by Comco.

Cleared to fly at 560kg MTOW. The Charlie model is the highest performer in the MALSA training fleet. Off the ground in 50 metres, its performance is far superior to most group A light aircraft. In the air its roll response can take it from 60 degrees to 60 degrees in 3 seconds yet it can also be a docile long distance cruiser. MALSA has 3 C42 aircraft in the fleet.

P&M GT450 Weightshift / Flexwing

The GT450 has been established for many years as the choice for those wishing to have the open air experience. Among the aircraft in its class, it is the easiest to learn to fly due to its compliant bar control to wing system.

GT450. Made by P&M in the UK until 2020 when the company transferred its manufacturing overseas. Designed by Dr Bill Brookes as one of a number of aircraft built by P&M it is aimed squarely at ease of operation for pilot training. However, it is a very competent distance traveller for everything from the local flight to touring.

p&m gt450 weightshift flexwing

Auto Gyro MTO3

Factory built tandem open Gyro. Established as the choice for Gyro training.

Since Little Nellie starred in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” it has fascinated many for its speed and agility. Developed by East Anglian inventor and aviator, Ken Wallis Little Nellie was an early incarnation of the modern recreational Gyro. For existing pilots we can help you add PPL (G) to your pilot credentials, you get a credit in minimum required hours as an existing pilot. Or start flying Ab Initio and become a member of an elite group of rotary wing flyers. 

Shark S600 G-MAAL 600kg MTOW

Slovakian manufactured sophisticated aircraft – the ultimate flying machine for going places. Flying is enjoyable when comfortably seated in ergonomically designed adjustable seats in an aircraft capable of safely covering distance in a short time. In this aircraft, everything falls within easy reach. The tandem layout means the views are fantastic from either side and manoeuvrability second to none. This is a record breaker in both speed and endurance. A fighter aircraft in all but size and price.

The ultimate fast fixed wing experience which is available for trial flights with our qualified flying instructors.