Introduction and Summary by PHJ Fenn, CEO

Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation (formerly Mid Anglia Microlights) is based at Beccles Aerodrome and has been operating for 10 years. 

Our portfolio is inclusive of air experience flights, including those for special occasions, and a suite of services for you to achieve your full Pilots Licence.

We started with a hired C42 in 2014 and now have a fleet of 6 fully operational aircraft. All aircraft are owned by ourselves and we are able to guarantee aircraft availability without reference to any third parties. For the Comco C42, having 3 of this type ensures continuity in case of maintenance, breakdown or mishaps.

We constructed our own new purpose built fully alarmed hangar and moved in during the latter part of 2020. We are very strong on engineering with in house knowledge and expertise with an inventory of spare parts. We have close links to the Comco importer The Light Aircraft Company at Little Snoring, less than 45 minutes away by air, and pride ourselves on maintaining aircraft availability. 

A team of dedicated flying instructors cover Fixed wing, Flexwing and Gyrocopter training for the NPPL (A) and PPL (G) licences including a full complement of ground school classes, Radio Room with practical simulation, and exams. Our in house NPPL aircraft examiner with access to all our own aircraft, means we can organise your final flight test around your progress and, of course, the weather. We operate in vast open airspace, but within minutes of Norwich EGSH for ATC experience when you are ready. We hold pilot supplies in our shop and are truly your one stop destination to train for your pilot licence.  

Once you have your licence, we have a Members Share Group for you to arrive and fly. We do the rest.

For those wishing to concentrate their training and for those from out of the area, we have accommodation on site, restaurant meals and even cars hired by the day if you need a day off to go sightseeing.

We are an integral part of the operation of Beccles Aerodrome where we also collectively offer PPL (A) & PPL (H) for those wishing to aim at a career in commercial aviation.

We invite you to check the information contained on our website where flight vouchers can be purchased or drop by to visit us at Beccles Aerodrome and have a look around.