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Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation prepares for new arrival

 Pictured L to R. Bev, Pat, Dave, Gary, Andy.

Mid Anglia Light Sport Aviation is readying itself for the latest addition to its fleet of aircraft later on this month.
The flying school in Beccles will welcome the Shark S600 plane, the first to any customer in the country, at the end of March and it is set to be the jewel in the crown at Mid Anglia.
A demo of the Slovakian manufactured aircraft was provided by UK Agent, The Light Aircraft Company, and arrived, March 7th, to enable the flying instructors an opportunity to get to know the plane.

The Shark brings with it a place in the history books.
It holds the record for both the youngest male and female piloted solo flights around the world for its classification of aircraft.
The arrival of the demo plane brought with it much enthusiasm and excitement among the local aviation community with a crowd of people arriving in Beccles to watch the plane land at the airfield.

Chief Flying Instructor Gary Taylor said: “It was hard to hide this big smile on my face.
“It’s a well-designed machine, with high-speed capabilities and it was very exciting being able to reach the speeds that we did.”

The plane, which can hit speeds of up to 162 knots, 186mph, will be adorned with Mid Anglia Aviation livery before slotting in as part of the collection ahead of the new flying season.
Gary praised the planes sleek tandem design saying, “It’s great that you feel central as you turn from side to side, it helps the balance of the plane massively when you’re flying.”

The Shark is the ultimate, fast, fixed-wing experience and will be available for experience flights with instructors Gary and Dave once it arrives as a permanent resident with the Company later this Spring.    Watch in Gallery – Video Collection the day Shark came ashore on 7 March 2024.

About the Shark!
It is a Slovakian manufactured sophisticated aircraft and the ultimate flying machine for going places. Flying is at its maximum enjoyment when the occupants are in seats specially designed for efficiency and comfort in a plane that can travel safely covering long distances in a short time. In this aircraft, the tandem layout means the views are fantastic from either side and manoeuvrability second to none. A true record breaker in both speed and endurance.