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Shark on its way to Mid Anglia Aviation Ltd. Due into Beccles March 24

The Slovakian built world speed and endurance record holder is in the newest 600KG category.

Made famous by Zara and Mack Rutherford during their record breaking round the world flights, the introduction of the S600 to our portfolio represents considerable further investment by Mid Anglia Aviation Ltd. With the very appropriate registration, G-MAAL, the tandem seating layout affords superb visibility on both sides of the aircraft while keeping a narrow fuselage to slice through the air. Retractable undercarriage means a tidy and smooth aerodynamic profile further reducing drag and fuel consumption. A variable pitch hydraulically actuated propeller, optimises the power and speed of the aircraft resulting in a high cruise air speed of 162kts. Autopilot, state of the art electronic instrumentation and navigation compliments the right hand stick and left hand throttle in both front and back seats making this just like a fighter plane in all but size and price. G-MAAL is the first example of this exciting record breaking aircraft to be delivered to a UK flight training school and will be available for trial flights in the Spring of 2024. The future is here now with unbelievable performance and economy with latest generation engine technology sipping unleaded fuel for the lowest possible carbon footprint. Contact us for further details or drop by for a closer look.